Martes, Enero 13, 2015


Valuing Others
- Let us then talk about valuing others.
- How we value them, and How they value us too.

Valuing others is important, because we care for them we give them importance as well us them they give us also importance, even our enemies they value us in wrong thought or point of view only. There are many ways on how we can express that we value that person.
  • on a simple appreciation in every good deed's that they do. 
  • In every chit-chat that we do 
we value them, but then why others doesn't know how to value.
valuing others is a good personality you know how to give thanks or how to give honor to a person that is really a good example. But then We must not forget to value are self, we must not only value others but know to value your self because in the end no one can value you but your self also. Sometimes valuing is also refer as giving a thank or honoring a person because he/she done a great did in the history or in your life.

Core Values 101

Why is UNITY,TEAMWORK AND LOYALTY important in our daily life as a human being 

 UNITY, TEAMWORK AND LOYALTY - Now a Days in our life we need unity so that we can do all are jobs that we can't do by ourselves only, we need teamwork as the quotation says "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND" in every works, that we will do we need a companion to assist us, to guide us and so much more and the most important is the loyalty if we don't trust are companions we cannot have unity because we will hesitate to tell and to do work with them.
-  We can't do and accomplish things if we don't trust and give are loyalty to a person, it's up to  us if we want to achieve are goals or not. In every team building that we have It's a very close step in our goals.We give unity in every situation that we have in our life, it may be hard to solve a problem  but then if we give our full best and if we are unite in solving a situation or problem we can do it, we can solve it.